We have had Housecalls services in place for my mother for about 6 months now. Mum didn’t require a lot of services each day at first and we found the one hour minimum to be a good fit to her needs. Housecalls also provides a range of services that is extensive: from personal care and housekeeping to meal preparation, accompaniment to appointments and errands and watering plants.

Mum was very apprehensive about having homecare services, but the two Care Aids assigned to her quickly won her over. We have since had experience with a publicly-funded home care service contractor, which sent a new care giver each day. That is unacceptable for a senior who needs consistency and has low trust levels, so we are very grateful for Housecalls’ ability to maintain the same staff over time. We have made adjustments to the services we request and these are handled efficiently and easily.

I can email or phone Housecalls’ managers to alter services or times, or talk directly with the Care Aids for minor adjustments and they report these back to managers. The Care Aids and office staff at Housecalls are truly wonderful. They are very pleasant, easy to contact and, most importantly, truly care about the well-being of Mum. If I needed homecare services for myself, these are the people I would want.


We would like to thank you for the exceptionally good services that your agency has been providing our elderly mother. Your caregiver has always shown very professional and compassionate skills with our mother. She is a true professional. We highly recommend your agency and look forward to continuing to receive your quality care for our mother.

J.R. and R.K.

House Calls provides excellent foot care for my husband and myself. They are personable and professional. I would not hesitate to avail myself of any of the services this company offers.

M. Williamson

they strive on making the seniors feel that they are special

Marne Pape

Warm, friendly, personable, trustworthy, yet very professional and efficient in their provision of service...an absolute joy to have assist loved ones of all ages...

Fred Tanner

House Calls is competent, caring and will help you through all the stages of care that you and your family needs.


House Calls comes to us now for over a year to cut our nails and keep our feet in good shape. They do it very professional and are always very friendly, even if we are not so happy that day. If you are looking for this kind of service, we highly recommend them to you.

Georg Wilberg

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