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Who Are We?

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Melody’s House Calls was founded by Melody Leskun, a nurse who saw the gap in the public health care system and recognized how that gap was affecting seniors. Melody’s passion for assisting her clients to maintain their independence and dignity and remain at home is the basis for this respected brand today.

The expansion of House Calls is centered on the growing senior market in Canada which provides unprecedented growth and opportunity. Melody’s House Calls was a finalist in the Top 5 for BC’s Best Company for the Successful You Awards by Small Business BC 2012-13.

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The Why?

  • Seniors make up the fastest growing age group
  • The number of seniors in Canada is projected to increase from 4.2 million to 9.8 million between 2005 and 2036
  • In just four years Canadians will face “The Crossover”; the day when there are more seniors than children
  • 92% of seniors live in private households
  • 53% of people 75 and older live alone
  • By 2023, 25% of BC’s population will be over 65 years of age
  • 10% of seniors suffer from some form of dementia
  • 2/3 of seniors and their families are dissatisfied with the care received through our public health care system
  • Seniors are often isolated and suffer from malnourishment and depression

With assistance, most seniors can remain living independently in their own home. A friendly visit or transportation to the grocery store can make all the difference in a senior’s life!

Characteristics of a House Calls Franchisee

  • strong business management skills
  • excellent leadership skills
  • an entrepreneurial spirit
  • a desire to help others
  • lives their life with honesty & integrity

Distinct Advantages to Owning a Melody’s House Calls Franchise

Melody’s House Calls is a highly-scalable business model with unlimited earning potential, exclusive territories and extensive training and on-going support provided by a Canadian-based management team committed to the growth of your franchise.

These benefits include:

  • Call Center service provided by Head Office – 24 hours per day, 7 days per week
  • affordable investment
  • great financial return
  • strong ROI potential
  • no industry experience necessary
  • extensive training and on-going support from a knowledgeable team
  • multiple revenue streams from the same referring sources

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Melody’s House Calls Interview – Vancouver Franchise Show

Melody Leskun talks about her Canadian Franchise Opportunity
Adera Angelucci interviews Melody Leskun from Melody’s House Calls on their Canadian Franchise Opportunities at the Vancouver Franchise Show.

Video Transcription

Adera: Hi, I’m Adera Angelucci with and I’m here with Melody Leskun with Melody’s House Calls.

Melody: Hi, how are you?

Adera: Good. So, I’m loving that you’re Canadian operated and owned. Uh, tell me more about House Calls and why it’s different from any other sort of, nursing services.

Melody: Sure. So we provide, uh, a lot of services for clients. In home care, housekeeping, personal care, nursing care and as well we offer medical pedicures, which most of our competitors do not offer. So, it’s unique that way and it creates a great stream of revenue for our franchisees as well. We franchise Canada wide. We do aim to keep this a Canadian company and currently we have many locations available in the lower mainland all the way through to PEI.

Adera: Do you have to be a nurse to own the franchise?

Melody: Absolutely not. Uh, there’s no medical background necessary. We have an extensive and ongoing training and support, which we offer at our head office in Langley, BC. A franchisee can expect an exclusive territory of about 3 to 4 hundred thousand people. Uh, we’re very protective of our, uh, territories for our franchisees. As well, they can expect that they’re going to get extensive training. As a nurse myself, I understand that consistency is very, very important to people and they want to know that when someone comes to their door that person knows their routine, they know what they like, the foods they like, etc. So we definitely aim to build a relationship between the client and the caregiver. We want people with strong entrepreneurial backgrounds. We want, um, people with good business management skills. We really want to have people that like people and enjoy seniors. We really recommend people start this business out of their home. Because there’s no brick and mortar required, the lease hold costs are eliminated so it is very profitable really early on.

Adera: Well, thank you Melody. I’m Adera with and do check out Melody’s House Calls. Duh, duh, duh.

Colin Samuels’ Housecalls Franchise Review

When Colin Samuels began to care for his ailing father, he and his wife Mazrene discovered how difficult it was to obtain home care. “We thought that there must be something better we can do. We didn’t want others to suffer the same fate.”

When Mazrene first read Melody’s House Calls’ motto: “We bring our heart to your home,” she was intrigued. ‘I really liked that. We can improve lives, but we also have the opportunity to do well.”

Now owners of two locations in Edmonton and Grand Prairie, the Samuels say they love the atmosphere the franchise brings to their business. “If we have a question, we can call Melody, the CEO, anytime. If I send her an email, I get an answer within 10 minutes. There will always be challenges or a client calling you with something you’ve never done before. Head office is ready with answers.”

Among the many benefits, Colin says the established company processes allow them to focus on connecting with as many people as possible that need their help. “The system helps us to reach the masses. They have the tools in place.”

When looking to invest, Mazrene says, “Do your research and talk to other franchisees. You have to be 100% dedicated to customer service. There can be a lot of challenges and you have to be self-motivated to keep at it.”

Colin says one of the most rewarding parts of owning a home healthcare business is the follow-up call to see how things are going. “When we hear ‘perfect, great,’ it makes our day. I love the feel-good feeling.” Their only regret: “We wish we’d started earlier.”