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Have you heard of the Silver Tsunami?

National-health-care-strategy-needed-for-silver-tsunamiMost people are aware of Canada’s changing demographics, but few understand just how drastically things really are changing.

The looming demographic change that we face in the Silver Tsunami means more people leaving workforce than are going into it. The implications of the Silver Tsunami for the healthcare system are enormous. A recent article by CTV revealed that

  • Only 37% of Canadians have confidence in the ability of the current system to care for our aging population.
  • 3/4 respondents said they were concerned for themselves about whether they would have access to high-quality health care in their retirement years.
  • 9/10 Canadians feel that the entire health care system could be improved by keeping seniors at home as long as possible, to help lighten the load on hospitals and nursing homes.

Jane Meadus, a lawyer with the Advocacy Centre for the Elderly, was quoted by CTV stating, “One of things we don’t do in Canada very well is to teach our health professionals about geriatrics.”

Melody’s House Calls has seen this reality only too clearly, and with the coming Silver Tsunami, we also would like to see more geriatrics training in medical schools and nursing schools.

The truth is, seniors make up the fastest growing age group in Canada. The number of seniors in Canada is projected to increase to 9.8 million by 2036. In just 4 years Canadians will face what some call “the crossover”, the day when there are more seniors than children.

53% of people 75 and over live alone, many of them without family support. And 10% of seniors suffer from some form of dementia: often isolated, lonely and suffering from malnourishment and depression.

A friendly visit or transportation to the grocery store can make all the difference in a senior’s life.

Could you or someone you know use help around the home? Or are you interested in franchising?

The need is great and Melody’s House Calls is here to make a difference. Call 1.855.510.5155 or email

Fear, Violence and Long-term Care

W5 investigation reveals national crisis: homicide in care homes
W5 investigation reveals national crisis: homicide in care homes

To the shock of many, the true colours of long-term care homes were revealed in a recent W5 article.

Many people feel as Tena Alexander did when her husband Frank was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. “No other options,” was the phrase used by W5 to describe how the Alexander family felt. So Tena moved Frank into a nursing home and knew right away that something was wrong.Frank’s son recalls there were, “fights and arguments and people upset with each other. The place (was) bursting with people.”

Then, one day, the Alexander family received a devastating phone call. Another resident attacked Frank. Four days later, he passed away due to injuries sustained from the attack.

What’s even more shocking is that Frank’s death is not the only case of its kind. According to W5, there are on average 5 murders per year at facilities that most people take for granted as safe.

So what are the options? Did the Alexander family truly have no choice but to consign their father to a care home?

After reading an article like the one by W5, we at Melody’s House Calls are reminded about our deep passion to provide caring, cost-effective in-home care for individuals who require assistance living independently. Giving someone the opportunity to remain close to their loved ones, in a familiar environment and in the community they call home is a true joy for us.

W5 did some more digging and discovered a ground-breaking 10,000+ “incidents” in care homes across Canada in one year alone.

And it’s not just W5 who’s turning up these results. CBC addressed this very issue a few years ago in an article titled “Fear and Violence in Canada’s nursing homes.”

Recently, the National Post featured an article entitled “Our growing elder-care crisis” describing the horrific resident-on-resident violence that is all too common.

Our deepest desire at Melody’s House Calls is to provide the kind of care that can serve as an alternative to nightmares like these. If you or someone you know could benefit from an alternative to fear and potential violence in a long-term care facility, give us a call; we would love talk with you.